Huge Boss - Vendee Globe

Alex Thomson Racing - Vendee Globe Race Highlights

We worked with Hugo Boss to create online video content for the Vendee Globe with three objectives in mind: Firstly to raise awareness and build excitement in the countdown to the event, secondly to capture live action for weekly updates whilst the race was on, and finally to produce a round-up of the whole event to help Hugo Boss secure sponsorship for the next race. The conditions were challenging to say the least, filming aboard helicopters, boats and RIBs but the end result was a great success. The videos achieved 30-40,000 views on social media - and Hugo Boss secured their sponsorship for the following year.

Invictus Games

We were honoured to be asked to film the Invictus Games and sent Matthew out to Florida for a week on his own to shoot the event. He spent several long 15-hour days filming track-side in extreme temperatures, using multiple cameras and gimbal stabilisers to capture the high-speed footage, interviewing key team members and being on hand for all the behind the scenes action. He was constantly creating new content to send back to the UK for daily social media updates - he even edited footage on the plane, taken earlier that day of the competitors arriving for their flight to be ready to show once they touched down in Florida. Each video received 30-40,000 views via social media. It was a truly memorable and inspirational filming experience and one we'll never forget. 

Business South Conference


The Business South Conference, in association with Destination Southampton was a great event to be involved in. We worked with Warner Vision to film the delegates arriving, the sponsors setting up and organised interviews throughout the day to obtain anecdotes and testimonials. Using multiple cameras to capture the detail, and techniques to extract the audio from the busy background noise, we edited the day down to a 2.5 minute promo film, that was released a few days after the event.