Crazy M - Children's Entertainer

Crazy M is one of the most popular and well-respected children’s entertainers on the South Coast and we were delighted to create video content for her social media campaign to give viewers an idea of what to expect from her parties.

We filmed a live children’s party from set up to finish - which was challenging in itself! Nothing was staged, we couldn’t interrupt the show and had the added challenge of interviewing young children, which always makes life interesting! We captured the action as it happened, just as we do with live event filming, then put together a main 1 minute film, plus 3 social media teasers. Energy and fun were the top messages to get across, and there was plenty of both to work with.

A massive Crazy M thumbs up for this fantastic series of videos! I hear it’s never easy filming with children (or rabbits!) - and you handled them so professionally! You just got on with the job on the day, adapted as the party flowed and blended into the background so it was a totally natural event. Thank you so much, don’t say sausages!
— Crazy M - Children's entertainer
Behind the scenes filming

Behind the scenes filming

Behind the scenes filming

Behind the scenes filming

Main 60 second film

Short promo teaser

Setting up the show in 11 seconds!

Don’t say sausages! 16 second teaser

Alex Parsons - Personal Trainer Launch

Fitness expert, Alex Parsons was setting up a new mobile Personal Training company in the Sussex area and asked Bullet to create some cool, snappy content to use for his social media launch campaign.

We headed down to the beach for an afternoon to shoot some action shots with one of his clients, and from this footage created a full series social media videos - including four 8-second countdown to launch videos for instagram, a selection of mini teasers for use throughout the campaign, as well as a 30-second and main 1-minute film to showcase his product offering.

The idea of the campaign was to gather excitement and interest about the launch with the countdown, then push out a variety of video content across all social media platforms, which then in turn brought relevant traffic to the main, explanatory video on the website.

This is a great example of maximising the content that can be created out of filming in just a short space of time. Although the filming took place in one session, each of the videos have different message to get the most out of the campaign.

Instagram - 1 day to go

Instagram - 2 days to go

Instagram - 3 days to go

Instagram - 4 days to go

15-second film v1

15-second film v2

30-second film

Alex Parsons - main 1-minute film

JaJa Finance - extreme testing of a credit card

Jaja Finance have developed a mobile credit card that is so simple to sign up to, they wanted to demonstrate how easy it could be to access credit, even in extreme situations. We worked with them to come up with a number of scenarios to film real people signing up to their credit card, under stressful situations. The first, as part of this ongoing campaign, was “Kitty”, who proved she could ‘onboard’ whilst running for a train on the London Underground, the second was “Sammy”, who attempted to ‘onboard’ whilst being shot at with paintballs. The third was “Bertie”, trying to make a repayment whilst hurtling down the River Thames at full speed! The fourth featured Zac at iFly in Basingstoke, placing a food delivery order and making a payment from the app, whilst flying around a simulator during a training session.

We created a 30 or 60 second main film and 10-second teaser for each scenario, which were used on social media, to build excitement and interest for this new product.

Test 1: 10 second instagram teaser

Test 1: 30 second film

Test 2: 10 second teaser

Test 2: 30-second film

Test 3: 10 second teaser

Test 3: 30 second film

Test 4: 10 second teaser

Test 4: 60 second film

Corporate Hospitality at Southampton FC


When it comes to match days, corporate hospitality packages can mean big business. Southampton Football Club asked Bullet to create video marketing content to capture the quality of this premium product and introduce a new menu for the 2018/19 season.

We filmed the experience on a match day at St Mary's Stadium and shot various aspects of the club: outside the ground with the arrival of corporate clients, including the pre-match build up; behind the scenes with the chefs in the kitchen; the serving of the meal; and then guests taking their seats for the match. We also wanted to capture the atmosphere of the stadium, and set up a time-lapse of the venue filling with fans. 

Challenges for this video included working in a live environment within a short space of time, capturing all aspects of the hospitality product without intruding on the genuine customer experience. The resulting production included a full 1.5 minute promotional film and two shorter social media teasers. The main film was shown on the club's official website to promote the service. 

Thanks for all your work on this, I think it looks great!
— Luke Nicholson, Head of Digital & Content at Southampton Football Club

1.5 minute full video

15 second official teaser with music

15 second teaser with just the sounds of the action to capture the ambience

Miele Lab - Test wash area for laboratory glassware

Miele have a dedicated 'lab' division, where they manufacture laboratory glass washers, which are essential for reliable and accurate laboratory results. The latest videos Bullet were asked to create for the brand demonstrated the Test Lab area, where potential customers can take their soiled glassware to test out the lab washers before a purchase. The videos also showcased the partnership with DWK Life Sciences, who work together with Miele when designing glassware to ensure it can be cleaned well, and Miele in turn design washing systems that give the best results. 

The purchase of any lab washing machine is a significant investment, so the videos were designed to be used at trade shows and to reassure customers that the opportunity for testing is available and the experts are on hand to help them make the right decision before they buy. 

All the filming took place in a day and produced a series of 6 social media films, ranging from 10 to 90 seconds in length: A demonstration of the disinfection process, how the lab washer works (10 and 30 second teaser), a demonstration of the lab wash test area (and 20 second teaser) and a partnership film about the relationship between Miele and DWK. 

Miele Lab - the Disinfection Process

Miele Lab & DWK Life Sciences Partnership

Miele Lab Washers - Configuration (10 second teaser)

Miele Lab Washers - Configuration (30 second version)

Miele Lab - Test Wash Area (20 second teaser)

Miele Lab - Test Wash Area

“They look fantastic!!! Thanks so much for all of the work that you’ve done on these.”
— Kate Jones, Marketing Manager Miele



Whilst we were filming the launch of a new boat for a race, sponsored by Neutrogena, the cosmetic company asked Bullet to create an online promo video for a new range of face and hand creams at the same time. The weather conditions were horrendous, with torrential rain aboard a little boat, but we managed to work with the sailor and produce a one-minute film that met the brief. It was a quick turn around - we shot, edited and delivered the end product in a day, in time for Neutrogena to use it on their brand website and social media platforms.