T&T Facades - multi-film case study

T&T Facades is specialist cladding and facades contractor and recently won the contract to envelope the latest luxury student accommodation in Southampton, Cumberland Place. As it was such a prestigious landmark in the city, and an impressive, modern building, they decided to use this project as a case study to show the type of work that goes into a build like this - and enter it for an award in the construction industry.

As part of the marketing strategy led by Southampton-based growth agency, Breckenridge, Bullet were asked to create the video content that would tell the story of their project.

We spent some time with the contractors, partners, architects, in-house staff and project managers to look at the work that went into the project from the cladding perspective, exploring the challenges that they faced and how their expertise helped make sure the end product maintained a quality finish. The end result was a 2.5 minute case study film with a 17 second teaser for social media.

As part of this filming brief, we used the opportunity to capture footage for a Company Culture / Recruitment Film, exploring what it is like to work there from an employee point of view. The team were great to work with and were obviously passionate about their firm, so we used their words to tell the story of what a great company T&T Facades is to work. This created a 60 second finished film, to be used on their website, along with a 15 second social media teaser.

Finally, with all the positive footage, we were also able to create a 2.5 minute About Us video, giving a general overview of how things work at T&T Facades, how staff feel about working there and endorsements from external partners and suppliers. As with the other two films, we provided a 35 second short version of this film.

This is a great example of the variety of video marketing content you can get out of one main production shoot; as long as a bit of planning goes in beforehand, we can capture a variety of footage, interviews and b-roll to be cut, sliced and diced into numerous different versions!

Here is the full content produced for T& T Facades:

T&T Facades Cumberland Place Case Study (short version)

T&T Facades Cumberland Place Case Study - full film

Company Culture Film - short version

Company Culture Film - 60 second full version

T&T Facades - About Us Company Film (short version)

T&T Facades About Us Company Film -full version

Keeping it fresh with big news in the Commercial Laundry world!

1 minute film of the WashCo Launch highlights

Ben editing ‘live’ on site!

Ben editing ‘live’ on site!

It was an exciting weekend in the world of Commercial Laundry, as three companies announced a major collaboration to create ‘WashCo’ - one of the largest commercial laundry specialists in the UK. They asked Bullet to create an internal film that could announce the news to the wider company on the same day staff were informed.

Solent Laundry Solutions, Hughes Pro and Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems invited teams from all three companies to come together for a surprise presentation, where they revealed news of the merger. Bullet’s crew of three cameramen were on hand to film the action, capturing the announcement and the immediate reaction from the staff, all of which was very positive. We arrived on site early to capture the staff turning up, without giving the game away as to why they were all coming together. It was a top secret mission, which had to be filmed and edited on the same day so it could be shared with all the stakeholders internally. We made sure we captured great audio, then put together a 1 minute edit whilst on site, ready to be released later that day.

It was great to see everyone so excited about the ‘big reveal’ and it’s been an honour to personally follow the success of SLS, growing from a small laundry installer to a major player in their field. Congratulations to James Holmes and Peter Hoskins, and the team at the newly founded WashCo - we wish you every success!

The Bridal Suite - promotional and testimonial case study

The Bridal Suite, a plus size specialist in Fareham, wanted to showcase the service they give plus-size brides, making each customer feel truly special and giving them the opportunity to embrace their curves! They asked Bullet to create a full campaign of video content to help spread the word about their highly acclaimed service.

We visited the shop in Fareham, interviewed the owner and used real-life customers to show off some of the dresses and describe the positive experience they had enjoyed to create a series of video content for the shop to use in their marketing campaign. This included a full 60 second film, testimonial films and short teasers for social media.

30 second testimonial

60 second main film

15 second teaser

15 second teaser

Newbury Chiropractic centre - promotional and testimonial film

Newbury Chiropractic Centre provides a massage therapy and chiropractor service to help reduce pain for people and increase their mobility. They are incredibly proud of the work that they do, and asked Bullet to help tell their story in a promotional film to showcase what they have to offer. We set up a day for filming the practice at work, meeting patients who had agreed to tell their individual stories and experiences they had with the centre. Testimonial films are such a positive way of demonstrating good service and the patients involved in this one certainly couldn’t be happier with the service that Newbury Chiropractic provides.

We produced a full 2.5 minute film for use on the website and a shorter version to use in social media, to help direct traffic to the website. The feedback so far has been very positive and it has been a pleasure to work with the team on this campaign.

I contacted Bullet Media regarding a promotional video for my Chiropractic Clinic and I’m very glad I did! They briefed us before hand as to what would happen on our filming day, they had a really good understanding of the messages that we wanted to get across. Our filming day was great fun, some of us were very nervous about being filmed, but they put us completely at ease, and we had a lot of laughs! I am so pleased with the finished films, they capture my business perfectly and I’m sure they will be super effective at bringing more people to us.

Thanks Matt and Ben - great job!!
— Jane Newman, Newbury Chiropractic Centre

Newbury Chiropractic Centre - Main film

What to expect - Video

Newbury Chiropractic Centre - Shorter version

Testimonial example - Main and Short

Miele - commercial installation email campaign

Miele provides both commercial and domestic laundry solutions. As part of an email marketing campaign they wanted to demonstrate the benefits of installing commercial laundry equipment in establishments like a Veterinary practice or a care home - where in many cases domestic appliances are used.

Miele asked Bullet to create video content to support this campaign. We visited two vets and interviewed the staff, filmed the installation and showed the laundry in action to showcase the benefits, including the importance of not cross-contaminating soiled bedding. This created a film aimed at the veterinary industry.

The second case study focussed on a care facility for people with disabilities, where they can stay with the family away from home for a night or enjoy day visits. This involves a large quantity of laundry, which needs to be done efficiently, but it is also important here for the machines to be user-friendly, which is one of the areas that we focussed on in this film.

Veterinary Film - 1 min 50 secs

Progress Care Film - 2 mins 10 secs

Highfield Professional Solutions - Office Culture Film

Highfield Professional Solutions is a vibrant recruitment company based in Durley, Southampton, specialising in the technical engineering sector. They asked Bullet to produce a film to highlight the energy and passion of their office culture in a bid to show potential employees what a great place it is to work - and how rewarding a career in recruitment can be. They want to be known in their sector as the best place to work on the South Coast.

Whilst using the talking head narrative from key stakeholders, we brought the culture to life with shots of the ‘break out’ activities and the use of sound effects of the coffee machine etc, to tease out the ambience of working life.  Bullet produced a range of films including a full 90-second film for use on their website, as well as a 30-second teaser and a 15-second Instagram film to give a good cross-section of content for them to use across various platforms in their video marketing strategy.

Main 90 second film

30 second teaser

15 second instagram teaser

Adam Knibb Architecture

Adam Knibb architects wanted to showcase a project in which they linked an old building with a new structure, which needed careful and sensitive planning. We went on site to film the finished project using drones and interviewed the architects to talk us through the case study.  We produced a full 90 second testimonial film and a 15-second social media teaser.

Saints Together Week

Bullet were asked to work with Saints Foundation to create a series of four videos for Southampton FC's second annual Saints Together week, following on from the huge success of a similar campaign the previous year. The aim was to show the connection between the Foundation, the Club and the local community and use inspirational stories to show the variety of programmes offered. Each video was shot on a different location, with its own challenges in a limited time period. Two crew members went on each shoot and then the footage was edited back in the Southampton-based studio and delivered on time for the campaign week. 

The first video featured athlete Iwan Thomas who visited Saints Foundation’s Regional Talent Hub to discover what the SaintsAbility project is doing for young people with a disability, and learn more about one participant’s inspiring story.

Generation Gains
Saints Together week continued with a look at the incredible work Saints Foundation do for the elderly in Southampton in their 'Generation Gains' programme

As a lifelong Saints fan, Steven has always felt the connection between his Club and his community, and as part of Saints Together he wanted to find out how Saints Foundation are integral to both… He chats to Laura to see her journey.

Primary Stars
As a reward for Kian’s positive engagement with the Primary Stars programme, Southampton striker Charlie Austin paid him a special visit for Saints Together.