Creative videos that deliver results.

Bullet is a full service video production agency based in Hampshire, specialising in creative corporate videos that deliver results. We're a small team, but big on energy, ideas and inspiration and love working across a variety of industries of all shapes and sizes.  Our flexible approach means we can adapt to your needs and offer a variety of filmmaking services including motion graphics, special effects, 3D visualisation and video marketing techniques. We work with a number of long-standing clients and believe in developing close relationships with all our clients to effectively become an extension of your team.  

So how does it work?


Stage 1 - Pre-Production

Planning is key in this stage. The first steps are to work on the initial concept and start developing some ideas. What are you trying to achieve? What are the main messages you want to get across?  We then get our creative juices flowing to work up a storyboard for you to visualise. Props, actors and any relevant resources are gathered at this stage, as well as decisions made on film locations and a list of the shots we're aiming for on the day.


Stage 2 - Filming the Production

Shooting the film - we've got it covered! We take on the role of Director, organising everything involved in the filming process  - from lighting to scene setting, props to specialist camerawork; we take care of it all. All of our videos are shot in High Definition and we have a variety of additional gadgets available to create special effects and make your corporate video stand out from the competition. 

Stage 3 - Post-Production

This is where the magic happens! We return to our editing suite in Southampton to work through the footage, cut it, slice it, select licensed music to accompany it and add colour grading to give it the right impact. We also have access to a variety of voice-over artists if required to give the narrative the right tone of voice. We can produce the end result in different formats according to the brief - e.g in bite-size chunks for social media marketing as well as a feature-length commercial.