Out and about with Work Experience Chloe

We were pleased to welcome year 10 student, Chloe, for a week to undertake work experience at Bullet to complement her Media GCSE, which she’s studying at Kings School in Winchester. This is the first time Bullet has taken on a work experience student and it’s been a great opportunity to give a young person an insight into the industry to see if it is something they would like to pursue.

When she joined the team, our aim was to give her a taster of all areas of filming and editing, with some on-site shooting practice too. Her first project was to get know the cameras, so we sent her out with a few missions to practise filming and exposing the camera properly. Once this was mastered, she took a camera home to complete a short project we gave her about her family, which she edited herself and looked brilliant!

Chloe also joined us on a couple of shoots out on location and it was great to see her get stuck in and ask lots of questions. She also helped with some ongoing projects, clipping up footage and taking on some multi-cam editing.

It was a pleasure having her in our studio. She shows fantastic promise and we look forward to welcoming her back and gaining more experience next summer.