Installing a new product? Here's our top tips for creating an installation film.

We work with a number of installation firms, who install essential items that businesses require (commercial laundries, fire alarms etc). We regularly hear from them that the most successful marketing communication they have had with their customers is when they have demonstrated their skills with a case study - using real customers to describe the service they have received. Even though the products being installed are not the most exciting subjects, attributes like attention to detail, expertise and workmanship are usually very important to the end customer - and a video is a great way to explain all of this. As we often say, no-one sells your business better than a happy customer, and not only does a positive testimonial give you great credibility, it also gives you great content for your marketing campaigns!

One example of this is SLS, who landed a prestigious installation of a Miele laundry at the Savoy Hotel, London. Luckily, they were used to creating video content and immediately saw this as an opportunity to raise their profile within the commercial laundry industry. We followed the installation from start to finish and interviewed the hotel team who were delighted with the service. The videos went on to be used in email marketing campaigns to several other major hotel chains and their business saw significant growth on the back of this. With astute marketing campaigns and excellent workmanship, they are now one of the major installers and dealers for Miele in the South.

Savoy Installation - 15-second teaser

Savoy Installation - 30 second trailer

Savoy Installation by SLS - 1.38m

If you’re considering creating an installation video, our top three tips would be:

  1. Use the customer to describe the process in their own words - don’t be afraid to put them in front of the camera and keep it unscripted (we can always edit out flustered um’s and er’s). Their words can be far more powerful than a professional voiceover.

  2. Don’t hide behind challenges - they are a great story for showcasing how you overcame difficulties and demonstrated your experience and expertise.

  3. Get the video company involved from the very start - from taking out the old installation, to putting in the new; seeing the trucks arrive, coping with awkward entrances etc is all great footage for keeping it real and letting a potential customer know what they might expect.

Our final top tip, which goes without saying… always use Bullet to create the installation video for you! :-)

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