The 43 Club - Crowdfunding Film

FUNDING UPDATE!!  We’re pleased to report that the target funding level has been achieved on time and the musical will now take place on 20th July 2018. Bullet is scheduled to shoot some behind the scenes films in the run up to the event, featuring interviews with the cast and sneak previews of the rehearsals ahead of the big day. According to Kenneth Clarke, co-author of the musical:

The video Bullet produced was stunning and their professionalism, attention to detail, expertise and dedication to producing a first rate product was absolutely faultless. We couldn’t have achieved our fundraising targets without their help and we’re looking forward to using Bullet again as we begin the next stage of our exciting campaign.
— Kenneth Clarke, co-author of 'The 43 Club'

This is a short promo for the crowdfunding campaign that a theatre company are running to try and raise money to develop and perform their musical, 'The 43 Club' at Andrew Lloyd Webber's Other Palace Theatre in London. They asked us to produce a film (scripted by them) to drum up support for their campaign - two versions, a short 60-second promo and a longer 4 minute film.  Here's the shorter version, and the link to the full campaign is here:

Within the first fortnight of launching the campaign, they attracted 70% of funding and are on target to achieve their desired amount.  Check out the behind the scenes images and rehearsals that took place for the actual production in London.