JaJa Finance - extreme testing of a credit card

Jaja Finance have developed a mobile credit card that is so simple to sign up to, they wanted to demonstrate how easy it could be to access credit, even in extreme situations. We worked with them to come up with a number of scenarios to film real people signing up to their credit card, under stressful situations. The first, as part of this ongoing campaign, was “Kitty”, who proved she could ‘onboard’ whilst running for a train on the London Underground, the second was “Sammy”, who attempted to ‘onboard’ whilst being shot at with paintballs. The third was “Bertie”, trying to make a repayment whilst hurtling down the River Thames at full speed! The fourth featured Zac at iFly in Basingstoke, placing a food delivery order and making a payment from the app, whilst flying around a simulator during a training session.

We created a 30 or 60 second main film and 10-second teaser for each scenario, which were used on social media, to build excitement and interest for this new product.

Test 1: 10 second instagram teaser

Test 1: 30 second film

Test 2: 10 second teaser

Test 2: 30-second film

Test 3: 10 second teaser

Test 3: 30 second film

Test 4: 10 second teaser

Test 4: 60 second film