Miele Lab - Test wash area for laboratory glassware

Miele have a dedicated 'lab' division, where they manufacture laboratory glass washers, which are essential for reliable and accurate laboratory results. The latest videos Bullet were asked to create for the brand demonstrated the Test Lab area, where potential customers can take their soiled glassware to test out the lab washers before a purchase. The videos also showcased the partnership with DWK Life Sciences, who work together with Miele when designing glassware to ensure it can be cleaned well, and Miele in turn design washing systems that give the best results. 

The purchase of any lab washing machine is a significant investment, so the videos were designed to be used at trade shows and to reassure customers that the opportunity for testing is available and the experts are on hand to help them make the right decision before they buy. 

All the filming took place in a day and produced a series of 6 social media films, ranging from 10 to 90 seconds in length: A demonstration of the disinfection process, how the lab washer works (10 and 30 second teaser), a demonstration of the lab wash test area (and 20 second teaser) and a partnership film about the relationship between Miele and DWK. 

Miele Lab - the Disinfection Process

Miele Lab & DWK Life Sciences Partnership

Miele Lab Washers - Configuration (10 second teaser)

Miele Lab Washers - Configuration (30 second version)

Miele Lab - Test Wash Area (20 second teaser)

Miele Lab - Test Wash Area

“They look fantastic!!! Thanks so much for all of the work that you’ve done on these.”
— Kate Jones, Marketing Manager Miele