Crazy M - Children's Entertainer

Crazy M is one of the most popular and well-respected children’s entertainers on the South Coast and we were delighted to create video content for her social media campaign to give viewers an idea of what to expect from her parties.

We filmed a live children’s party from set up to finish - which was challenging in itself! Nothing was staged, we couldn’t interrupt the show and had the added challenge of interviewing young children, which always makes life interesting! We captured the action as it happened, just as we do with live event filming, then put together a main 1 minute film, plus 3 social media teasers. Energy and fun were the top messages to get across, and there was plenty of both to work with.

A massive Crazy M thumbs up for this fantastic series of videos! I hear it’s never easy filming with children (or rabbits!) - and you handled them so professionally! You just got on with the job on the day, adapted as the party flowed and blended into the background so it was a totally natural event. Thank you so much, don’t say sausages!
— Crazy M - Children's entertainer
Behind the scenes filming

Behind the scenes filming

Behind the scenes filming

Behind the scenes filming

Main 60 second film

Short promo teaser

Setting up the show in 11 seconds!

Don’t say sausages! 16 second teaser