Miele - commercial installation email campaign

Miele provides both commercial and domestic laundry solutions. As part of an email marketing campaign they wanted to demonstrate the benefits of installing commercial laundry equipment in establishments like a Veterinary practice or a care home - where in many cases domestic appliances are used.

Miele asked Bullet to create video content to support this campaign. We visited two vets and interviewed the staff, filmed the installation and showed the laundry in action to showcase the benefits, including the importance of not cross-contaminating soiled bedding. This created a film aimed at the veterinary industry.

The second case study focussed on a care facility for people with disabilities, where they can stay with the family away from home for a night or enjoy day visits. This involves a large quantity of laundry, which needs to be done efficiently, but it is also important here for the machines to be user-friendly, which is one of the areas that we focussed on in this film.

Veterinary Film - 1 min 50 secs

Progress Care Film - 2 mins 10 secs