Iwan Thomas - Fatherhood Reveal Video

Athlete Iwan Thomas is known for his regular Instagram videos, chatting about his public life - but keeping his private life firmly behind closed doors. However, this time he wanted to do something a bit different to announce to fans that he was going to be a dad! Having worked together previously through the Saints Foundation projects, Iwan asked Bullet to come up with a dramatic video to share the news on social media. We came up with a staged 'Reveal' film, which unveiled a different set of wheels to his trademark sports cars; using atmospheric smoke and dramatic sound effects, his new iCandy pushchair appears! The short social media film proved an instant hit with Iwan's followers - and was great fun to create!


In a surrealist world of hit men and marks, a talented rookie teams up with a seasoned pro for his first day on the job! This screenplay is called "Work" and we had lots of fun creating this short film - and even won an award for our work (pardon the pun!) by One Week in Video. 

Screenplay and Fight choreographer - Jonathan Holby. Directed by Ollie Blake. Produced By Bullet. Cast Warren Sollars Steve Cash, Matt Lynch, Jake Setters, Sam Baker Jones & Ollie Blake. 

Trailer for the film 'Work'

Short film - Work