T&T Facades - multi-film case study

T&T Facades is specialist cladding and facades contractor and recently won the contract to envelope the latest luxury student accommodation in Southampton, Cumberland Place. As it was such a prestigious landmark in the city, and an impressive, modern building, they decided to use this project as a case study to show the type of work that goes into a build like this - and enter it for an award in the construction industry.

As part of the marketing strategy led by Southampton-based growth agency, Breckenridge, Bullet were asked to create the video content that would tell the story of their project.

We spent some time with the contractors, partners, architects, in-house staff and project managers to look at the work that went into the project from the cladding perspective, exploring the challenges that they faced and how their expertise helped make sure the end product maintained a quality finish. The end result was a 2.5 minute case study film with a 17 second teaser for social media.

As part of this filming brief, we used the opportunity to capture footage for a Company Culture / Recruitment Film, exploring what it is like to work there from an employee point of view. The team were great to work with and were obviously passionate about their firm, so we used their words to tell the story of what a great company T&T Facades is to work. This created a 60 second finished film, to be used on their website, along with a 15 second social media teaser.

Finally, with all the positive footage, we were also able to create a 2.5 minute About Us video, giving a general overview of how things work at T&T Facades, how staff feel about working there and endorsements from external partners and suppliers. As with the other two films, we provided a 35 second short version of this film.

This is a great example of the variety of video marketing content you can get out of one main production shoot; as long as a bit of planning goes in beforehand, we can capture a variety of footage, interviews and b-roll to be cut, sliced and diced into numerous different versions!

Here is the full content produced for T& T Facades:

T&T Facades Cumberland Place Case Study (short version)

T&T Facades Cumberland Place Case Study - full film

Company Culture Film - short version

Company Culture Film - 60 second full version

T&T Facades - About Us Company Film (short version)

T&T Facades About Us Company Film -full version