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1 minute film of the WashCo Launch highlights

Ben editing ‘live’ on site!

Ben editing ‘live’ on site!

It was an exciting weekend in the world of Commercial Laundry, as three companies announced a major collaboration to create ‘WashCo’ - one of the largest commercial laundry specialists in the UK. They asked Bullet to create an internal film that could announce the news to the wider company on the same day staff were informed.

Solent Laundry Solutions, Hughes Pro and Armstrong Commercial Laundry Systems invited teams from all three companies to come together for a surprise presentation, where they revealed news of the merger. Bullet’s crew of three cameramen were on hand to film the action, capturing the announcement and the immediate reaction from the staff, all of which was very positive. We arrived on site early to capture the staff turning up, without giving the game away as to why they were all coming together. It was a top secret mission, which had to be filmed and edited on the same day so it could be shared with all the stakeholders internally. We made sure we captured great audio, then put together a 1 minute edit whilst on site, ready to be released later that day.

It was great to see everyone so excited about the ‘big reveal’ and it’s been an honour to personally follow the success of SLS, growing from a small laundry installer to a major player in their field. Congratulations to James Holmes and Peter Hoskins, and the team at the newly founded WashCo - we wish you every success!