Fight scene and sound layering packs a mean punch!

We’re very proud of our latest film for JH Action Fight Choreography, which showcases their skills in a bid to land them an exciting new project in the world of fight scene choreography.

Fight scenes themselves are particularly technical scenes to film: This scene was carefully choreographed and our production team worked closely with JH Action in the initial run throughs ensuring our movements could be integrated. We constructed a low key lighting setup which complemented the narrative of the project, this was key to accentuate the overall mood. From working with many of the actors before we knew they would bring energy and intensity throughout every take, which is why we made the decision to shoot handheld with a higher shutter speed, in turn this choice heightened the fight whilst also bringing the viewer into the scene. Our new camera - the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - was a particularly nifty device to use on this shoot (despite its less catchy name!) .

Post production is where we took the scene to the next level - specifically in this case, with enhanced sound design. The landing of each punch, the impact of the crossbar, the break of the arm is given multiple layers to enhance the realism throughout; we want the viewer to feel every hit as they watch.

These skills are totally transferable across a multitude of industries - whether it’s filming a sporting event, launching a new power tool, or the hit of a tennis racket. Sound design is not something to be underestimated in post-production, if you want to deliver a message that punches above its weight.

JH Action Fight Choreography Promo Film

Behind the scenes on the Fight